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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jul 16, 2023

Get ready to ride the waves of enlightenment as we plunge into an electric and mind-bending conversation with the one and only Bitcoin Radical, Surfer Jim! We're taking a fresh look at the state of America and the ever-evolving world of bitcoin in 2023, giving you the lowdown since our last powwow a year ago.

But hold on tight, because this podcast is more than just facts and figures. We're diving deep into the ocean of emotions, exploring the turbulent waters of regret, the cleansing power of forgiveness, and the epic quest for leaving an unforgettable legacy. 

Surfer Jim, with his unwavering noble approach to life, will be your guide on this wild journey. Brace yourself for waves of wisdom crashing onto the shore of your consciousness as he shares invaluable insights on how to navigate the treacherous waters of existence.

So grab your board and tune in, because this rip promises to be an exhilarating ride filled with mind-blowing revelations and awe-inspiring knowledge. Get ready to hang ten and embark on this captivating journey of exploration and introspection with us!

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