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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jun 14, 2021

"Bitcoin is the most important innovation to happen to money in 1,000 years." - Vijay Boyapati

In this very special episode, Vijay returns to talk with Ced about his new book the Bullish Case for Bitcoin & where we are in this cycle.

We discuss:

- What are the common mistakes made during a bull run

- How a bull market...

Jun 7, 2021

In this mind-blowing conversation with the author of Wikileaks: The Global Fourth Estate, History is Happening, Nozomi Hayase & I discuss:

- Did we trade authenticity for acceptance

- Is pyschology used to move public opinion & manufacture consent

- The stadium of democracy

- The post-human future, superhumans & is...

Jun 3, 2021

In this conversation, I speak with Javier Bastaro, a journalist for Cointelegraph, based in Caracas, Venezueala about hyperinflation, dollarization, the diaspora and the political, economic and human crises in Venezuela. 

Will Venezuela turn into the new Cuba? How bad did things get in 2016? How deep is the current...