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The Bitcoin Matrix

Aug 8, 2021

Hass McCook AKA Friar Hass is a Retired Chartered Professional Civil Engineer, researching & writing on Bitcoin's environmental, economic & spiritual impact since 2014. Recently he has written several articles about Bitcoin’s positive environmental impact including Projecting Bitcoin’s Future Energy Use, Bitcoin Emits Less Than 2% of the Worlds Military-Industrial Complex Carbon Emissions, Bitcoin Emits Less Than 5% of the Legacy Financial Sector’s Carbon Emissions & A Comparison of Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact with that of Gold & Banking all published in Bitcoin Magazine along with several other notable pieces including The Passion of the Believers which was published on his medium blog & also The Bitcoin Time Volume 2.

We discuss #Bitcoin as a religion, submission, economic judgement day, hereafter, why you shouldn't let your memes be dreams & how price is the story