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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jan 5, 2021

Nico is a Venezuelan American entrepreneur who found himself immediately drawn to Bitcoin because of the immense implications the technology has to change the world and himself.

Nico and Ced chat about:

- Getting everything he ever wanted growing up 

- How the 2008 financial crisis changed everything for him 

- Dealing with loss through escapism

- Bitcoin gave him reason to get up

- Why he dropped out of college and flew to Venezuela

- Why his Uncle was mining in the Venezuelan "bush" with generators and a used helicopter

- Why he left Venezuela 

- The new counterculture of responsibilty

Nico co-founded, a miner hosting company. Nico currently produces @SimplyBitcoin_, a 10 minute weekday show on YouTube tailored to deliver daily news from the Bitcoin-Maximalist-Pleb perspective.

Follow Nico on Twitter @BITVOLT7