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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jun 14, 2021

"Bitcoin is the most important innovation to happen to money in 1,000 years." - Vijay Boyapati

In this very special episode, Vijay returns to talk with Ced about his new book the Bullish Case for Bitcoin & where we are in this cycle.

We discuss:

- What are the common mistakes made during a bull run

- How a bull market tests your conviction more than a vicious bear market

- Is the current cycle different than prior cycles

- El Salvador, nation state adoption, inflation & the Berlin Wall

- How Bitcoin poses an existential threat to government monetary policy

- Bitcoin as a collateral asset

- Gartner hype cycles, Bitcoin's fundamentals, the Lindy Effect & tulips

- Will countries ban proof of work mining

- Mike Hearn, Ron Paul, big tech, Google, Silicon Valley, altcoin season, QE, AMC, Gamestop, meme stocks & so much more