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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jul 7, 2021

Pierre Rochard has been involved with Bitcoin as a researcher, investor, and software developer since February 2013. He co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute to curate the best primary source literature on Bitcoin and cryptography. In addition to developing Bitcoin software, Pierre is an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin's decentralized governance. In 2017 he began co-hosting the Noded Bitcoin Podcast. Pierre is widely recognized as an authority on the investment case for Bitcoin.  

We discuss:

- Is Gresham’s law the most misunderstood law in monetary economics 

- How 2021 separated the fixed from the variable

- Is China preparing an attack on Bitcoin 

- How do external parties see bitcoin 

- What drives bitcoin adoption 

- Is the dollar cooked 

- Bitcoin FOMO, ADHD & PISD 

- Is El Salvador the real deal 

- How many genocides has the UN prevented 

- Btc price action, speculative attacks, China, El Salvador, the banks, NYDIG, CBDCs, commercial banks, Jack Mallers, France, nuclear power, Brad Sherman, Cypress, bank bail-ins, Thiers Law, Gresham’s Law, cultural marxism, HELOCs, George Soros, super cycles, Mircea Popescu and so much more