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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jun 30, 2021

"We’re not entering a dark age, we’ve been in one." 

Michael Krieger gradually recognized that his true passion centers upon writing on issues of significant societal importance given the extremely challenging times we live in. This realization culminated with his losing interest in financial markets & eventually launching his website Liberty Blitzkrieg in early 2012.

In this very special conversation we discuss:

- Leaving the crowded streets of Manhattan for the open spaces of Boulder

- How vaccine passports are a red line

- Is humanity forking

- Will there be free-range humans & caged humans

- Are they trying to fundamentally change America & the nature of who we are

- Was 2020 the nadir

- How the entire 21st century has been a disaster for the U.S.A.

- Gardening, cycles, dealing with nature & happenstance 

- Lehman Brothers, 9/11, Elon Musk, Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, El Savlador, the Berlin Wall, psy ops, egotism, the pleb network, memes, Bitcoin & so much more