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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jan 30, 2023

In this extremely bullish conversation Ced sits down with Luke Mikic to talk about the unwinding of the petrodollar system, exponential technology in the digital age, network effects, technological S curves, the big fish who will trigger escape velocity, moon math based on bitcoin’s total addressable market, the coming Bitcoin supercyle and why the volatility will increase from here.

Luke Mikic is just another Bitcoin pleb, whose mind has been captured by the Bitcoin rabbit hole ever since discovering Bitcoin in 2017. He believes we’re living through the most consequential years in human history, as we’re watching the separation of money and state and the transition into the digital age.

His mission is to drag as many no-coiners down this rabbit hole with him, by providing financial education to the masses. He considers himself lucky enough to be working 24/7 in the space under many different hats, as an educator and content creator in the Bitcoin space.

He works as a full-time writer and researcher for Mark Moss, he works part time as a contributor to the CoinBeast social media accounts, he also writes articles part-time for Amber, as well as co-hosts the Bitcoin Made Simple Podcast. After leaving Australia for good in 2022, he works online, and has the privilege to travel the world, meeting Bitcoiners and exploring citadels.

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