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The Bitcoin Matrix

Mar 20, 2022

In this episode Cedric sits down with Daniel Bayerdorffer, the founder of CypherSafe.

CypherSafe is a Numberall Stamp & Tool Company DBA owned and operated by Daniel Bayerdorffer, a third-generation maker and inventor. Bayerdorffer has continued the tradition started in 1930 by his grandfather, the founder of Numberall, by venturing into new territory with two Numberall DBAs: Reuleaux Models, which has revived the practice of building kinematic models for academics, hobbyists, and collectors, and CypherSafe. Founded in 2018, CypherSafe’s goal is to provide important security tools for  Bitcoin.

We discuss his background as a third generation machinist, BIP39, his rabbit hole story, utilizing creativity and making things as a way to build a sense of pride, securing your bitcoin and when his dog Archie ate his Trezor he was inspired to build tools to help bitcoiners avoid single points of failure. 

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