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The Bitcoin Matrix

Aug 3, 2021

Freelance artist Jessica Vaugn is a writer, photographer and model who is best known for her work with the legendary brand Playboy. Jessica started tumbling down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole in 2020. She says that it completely changed her life and the way she views the world. As a freelancer, she’s always been keen on making independent choices. But it wasn’t until the pandemic lockdowns, that she realized government-run economic systems limited her personal freedoms. 

Aleks Svetski is the host of the dope af Wake Up podcast, the Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Exhange - Amber, the Editor of the Bitcoin Times, the author of several seminal and influential pieces including Utopian Dystopias, Discrimination and Diversity, Dumb People, Resistance is not Futile, Why Liberty Matters and the Rise of the Individual.

Zooming in from on location in El Salvador, the three of us had a wide ranging conversation about reinvention, the balkanization of America, Covid, depression, slave labor in China, Hollywood, identity politics, betrayal,  cultural detoxing, chemical zombies, is the MMA fight game analogous to all of life, getting arrested for not wearing a mask and how levels of consciousness are similar to floors in a Manhattan skyscraper.