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The Bitcoin Matrix

Jan 4, 2021

Dominic Frisby author of Life After The State, Bitcoin: The Future Of Money, and magnum opus Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future zooms in with Cedric to discuss:

- Why does every Cuban father want his daughter to be a prostitute

- His journey down the goldbug and libertarianism rabbit hole in 2005/2006

- How humans learn best through the spoken word and ear

- The hunt for Satoshi

- Are we freer now

- Were we freer in The Stone Age

- How technology enables us

- How Covid has accelerated everything

- Big Tech vs The State and who will win

- How income tax will be harder to collect in the future

- Brexit, Trump, and social media

- The future of Hollywood, Film and Stand-Up

- How governments have set a new precedent to shut down economies

- and much more