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The Bitcoin Matrix

May 24, 2022

For this insightful and highly informative episode Cedric sits down again with Bitcoin author and thinker Brandon Quittem for a wide ranging conversation about Bitcoin as a pioneer species, ecology, how utilizing more energy and not less will save the planet and why he's so optimistic about the future even as we go through another fourth turning. 

Brandon is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and passionate Bitcoiner. He's currently building which is the best place to buy Bitcoin in the US. 

His articles have been read by more than 2 million people online. Most well known for exploring the parallels between Bitcoin and mycelium.

His superpower is taking complex information and turning it into simple, actionable, intelligence.

When he's not helping bitcoin companies, he spends most of his “work time” reading, writing, and speaking.

Check out our first conversation together here:


Bitcoin is a fungus. If you cleave a piece off, you're just making more. It cannot be stopped, no matter how hard governments, detractors, or other obstacles may stand in its way. Brandon and  Ced ponder a potential Second Civil War, psychedelics, Millennial thinking vs Zoomer thinking, and where we stand in The Fourth Turning. In all of this turmoil, how does Bitcoin reduce suffering?

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