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The Bitcoin Matrix

Aug 31, 2021

"What happens when the oil & gas lobby become pro bitcoin? Do we even need a #btc lobby at that point!?! The Oil & Gas industry is really powerful and really wealthy!" - Adam O


Adam O AKA Denver Bitcoin is the business development officer for the US market for Upstream Data, a company that pairs modular bitcoin mining datacenters to natural gas engines, to convert waste energy (natural gas), into the best form of money the world has ever known - bitcoin. 


Adam is a pioneer in this emerging industry, and he brings a ton of passion and energy to Bitcoin mining and the upstream oil and gas industry. His articles have been published in Bitcoin Magazine and Coinbeast Media where he also provides 1 on 1 consultations on bitcoin mining. Denver Bitcoin is also the co-founder of Stranded Energy Investments. 


We discuss the oil & gas industry, bitcoin mining, the moralization of the production and consumption of energy and those crazy digital wildcats that are squatting on magic internet money getting it from stranded and wasted energy sources. 


“The government pioneered the shitcoin” 


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